Here you can find information on previous Summer Schools held by the Institute of Legal Informatics.

Summer School 2017

The first "Summer School IT Law and Legal Informatics" took place at Saarland University from August 21 to September 1, 2017.

Participants from the United Kingdom, Japan, Bulgaria, France, Luxembourg, Serbia, Austria, Denmark, Italy as well as Germany assembled at Saarland University where they received both a varied scientific and out-of-class activi-ties. Renowned lecturers from the UK, Japan, Austria and Germany gave presentations on cutting-edge research questions from the four topic areas of “autonomous systems”, “Internet of Things and IT Security”, “Data Protection and Big Data” and “Legal Tech”.

In addition to the intensive scientific program, out-of-class activities gave participants the opportunity to learn more about the Saar-Lor-Lux region. For many participants, this was their first visit to the Saarland. Hence, they used this chance to explore cultural sites and enjoy the region’s traditional cui-sine. Amongst others, participants visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Völklinger Hütte” (historical ironworks), the Saarschleife (the picturesque river Saar loop) and the Karlsberg Brewery in Homburg and Trier. An excursion to Trier under the knowledgeable guidance of the former Secretary of State, Dr. Wolfgang Schild, constituted a particular highlight. The Summer School was closed by an excursion including a guided tour at the Bundesgerichtshof (German Federal Court of Justice) in Karlsruhe, a visit to Speyer Cathedral and a wine tasting at a regional vineyard.
Currently, we are working on an anthology containing the written contributions of the 2017 Summer School participants as well as the lecturers’ manuscripts. The anthology will be published by Springer under the provisional title 'Law and Technology in a Global Digital Society – Autonomous Systems, Big Data, IT Security and Legal Tech'.

Summer School 2018

As a follow-up of the highly successful “2017 Summer School IT Law and Legal Informatics”, the Institute of Legal Informatics held a second Summer School from August 20 to 31, 2018.

That year, participants from over 13 different nation states attended the Summer School, thus contributing to a highly international atmosphere, which was also reflected by a carefully arranged panel of lecturers arriving from Luxembourg, France, Japan, Scotland, and Germany. The dean of the Saarland University faculty of law, Prof. Dr. Roland Michael Beckmann, had opened the Summer School, which gave participants the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics from the field of legal informatics, such as “Artificial Intelligence”, “Data Protection”, “IT Security”, and “Legal Tech”. One of the highlights of the Summer School constituted a keynote by Mrs. Delvaux-Stehres, member of the European Parliament.

As in 2017, the Summer School was rounded by comprehensive out-of-class activities allowing participants to immerse themselves in Saarland region whilst gaining insights into cutting-edge research questions from the field of IT law and legal informatics. Visits to the KÜS computing center Losheim and to the “Völklinger Hütte”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, have become an integrative element of the Summer School. Part of the Summer School’s concept is to give participants the opportunity to get to know other participants and lecturers in an informal atmosphere during excursions in the Saarland and surroundings.

Summer School 2019

In 2019, the “Summer School IT Law and Legal Informatics" had already been made a tradition at the Institute of Legal Informatics. The fourth Summer School took place from August 19 to 30, 2019.

As before, the Summer School proved being a perfect opportunity for partici-pants from various nationalities to come together and engage in cross-disciplinary scientific discussion. With an ever-increasing degree of internation-ality, in 2019, participants arrived from 18 different nation states. A cornerstone of the Summer School was its carefully selected panel of highly qualified lecturers teaching and exchanging with young researchers. As in previous years, comprehensive out-of-class activities offered opportunities to get to know each other and to explore highlights of Saarland and surroundings.

Summer Camp 2020

How to execute a contract in a "Blockchain"? What role do algorithms play in personnel selection? From August 10th to 14th, the Institute of Legal Informatics organized a special week with a Summer Camp. Young researchers presented their research on current projects like "Recht-Testbed Industrie 4.0" and "examAI" and answered participants questions - online and also in-person at the Graduate Center at Saarland University.
As a replacement for the annual Summer School, which was cancelled due to corona developments, Institute Director Professor Georg Borges and Co-Director Professor Christoph Sorge had put together an exciting program. Students and graduates met with professors and experts for workshops and discussions. One of the guests was Professor Erich Schweighofer from the University of Vienna, who examined the topic "Data Protection" with the participants. The online conference "IT and Law" offered first-class lectures in this context. A "coaching" for the employees of the institute was also on the agenda. They learned the latest tricks for research on the web and received tips on effective academic work.

Summer Camp 21

From August 9 to 13, more than 60 young researchers and experts took part in the Summer Camp 2021 - around 30 participants attended on site in Saarbrücken and more than 30 attendees followed the event online. The Institute of Legal Informatics invited young researchers to learn about the latest projects and new developments at the cutting edge of law and informatics. Over the course of four exciting and informative days, 20 speakers gave nearly 40 presentations.
The event was held in a hybrid format, uniting interested parties from around the globe, from places such as Argentina and Haiti, with undergraduate and graduate students who attended in Saarbrücken. Speakers included staff from the chairs of Professor Georg Borges and Professor Christoph Sorge, as well as experts from among the project partners In line with the concept of the Summer Camp - which is making project research available to interested young researchers - the speakers presented the current research projects of the Institut of Legal Informatics and enabling the audience to gain an insight into the thought processes and questions that are being worked on and researched within the projects. Autonomous driving, Montagspost, artificial intelligence and discrimination were just some of the topics covered and the speakers also went into depth and to present solutions to issues covered.
Interesting comments from the international audience encouraged speakers and participants alike to engage in a fruitful exchange of ideas, not only from a legal , but also from psychological and philosophical perspectives. Once again, the Summer Camp demonstrated how effectively interdisciplinary discussions drive research forward.